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pentapus-adTackle Hookup is the only Retailer in Kentucky to have these baits and only 1 of 4 across the USA to have them.  We now have the 4” Pentapus creature bait  available to you. Get them now before everyone finds out about them! These are so new the fish in Kentucky haven’t even seen them yet! These are taking the term Creature Bait to a whole new level. These baits have 5 tentacles coming off them giving them a squid like image with curly tails on the end. This bait will give you 5 times more action than just a single curly tail worm.  These are available in 7 different colors and come 8 per pack. The colors available are  Black/Blue , Red Bug, June Bug, Chartreuse, Watermelon Red, Green Pumpkin, Smoke Purple. These are so new they are not on the website yet. Get yours for only $4.49 . If you would like to order any of these please send us an email with colors and Qty’s and we can process these for you that way.