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*NEW* Strike King KVD Flatside Crankbaits

Check out these New Crankbaits from Strike King. These are the New KVD Flatside Crankbaits. These are available for Pre-Order only at this time. Get 10% off when you pre-order these with us now. We are expecting to have these in to ship out by Aug.31,2013. Just send us an email to tacklehookup@gmail.com with the QTY and colors (Listed Below)that you would like. We will let you know when we get them in and have them ready to ship.

2013-SK-HCKVD15FHere are a list of the Colors available
SKHCKVD15F517 TN. Shad ,  SKHCKVD15F535 Black Blue Chart ,        SKHCKVD15F538 Chart Sexy Shad ,  SKHCKVD15F583  Blue Gizzard ,
SKHCKVD15F585 Sexy Ghost Minnow ,  SKHCKVD15F586  Sexy Blue Back Herring ,
SKHCKVD15F590  Sexy Shad ,  SKHCKVD15F598  Chart Shad ,
SKHCKVD15F650  Chart Peach ,  SKHCKVD15F651  Neon Bluegill ,
SKHCKVD15F652  Summer Sexy Shad ,  SKHCKVD15F684 Clear Water Minow